Online Living – the end of humanity?

According to Futurist David Houle, we are at the beginning of the first era in human history where humanity can now meet in one place and simultaneously remain in their armchairs. I added the armchair bit! As the father of an online gaming son for whom collaborating online has become second nature, my thoughts as a 40 year old Gen Xer, go to fear and the stories of the adults with evil intentions. I’m out of date and showing my age. I’m not alone – I have heard peers of mine decry this virtual existence of our offspring as possibly leading to the demise of civilization. However, if I listen to my son and his online activities, he is building, he is leading, he is imagining and he is self-actualizing. Of course, safety is paramount but as the precursor for our end? I don’t see that. I guess time will tell.


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